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Waste collection services

Waste collection services are required to handle large quantities of biomedical waste which must be treated quickly, effectively and securely.

Today, the most common process still used by collection companies to render biomedical waste safe is incineration. However, this method is very controversial, particularly for environmental reasons, and requires facilities that are adapted to the treatment of biomedical waste.

New on-site pre-treatment techniques have appeared over the last few years and these are now recommended by the WHO. The Sterilwave solution’s automatic process, low operating costs and high performance mean that more than 70kg/hour of waste can be treated, while producing no liquid effluent and requiring only 10 minutes of intervention by the operator per cycle. This solution can be adapted to include several Sterilwave 440 machines. When installed in parallel, these machines can treat up to several tonnes of waste per day, providing unrivalled throughput along with some of the lowest operating costs on the market.


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