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Bertin Medical Waste offers its experience and expertise in the management of biomedical waste, with innovative solutions for microwave treatment, managing the stream of waste and monitoring radiological contamination.

Bertin Medical Waste, a brand of CNIM Group, offers years of experience in the treatment and management of biomedical waste. Sterilwave machines offer waste decontamination using microwave technology which ensures safe and effective waste treatment.

This type of waste management, whether on-site or through external collection services, optimises waste handling systems to allow the risk of contamination of personnel, neighbouring populations and the environment to be kept to a minimum. Using Saphymo expertise, Bertin also offers equipment for controlling contamination and monitoring ionising radiation from hospital waste.

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Biomedical waste management solutions

Sterilwave systems provide on-site treatment of biomedical waste using a simple and safe process. The innovative technology is eco-friendly and has low operating costs.

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Monitoring radioactivity

Bertin radioactivity monitoring instruments can locate radioactive sources and control the contamination in a hospital environment to improve the safety of medical workers and visitors.

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