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Optimisation of hospital waste stream

Medical facilities and hospitals protect and save lives. But what happens to all the biomedical waste and other by-products that they produce? What processes need to be implemented in hospitals for the safe and economical management of this waste? The Sterilwave solution is an effective response to these types of problems.

Poor safety standards in biomedical waste management can lead to serious problems. Biomedical waste contains potentially dangerous microorganisms which could cause infections.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 40% of hepatitis and 2.5% of HIV cases around the world are caused by health professionals becoming exposed in the workplace (Report on biomedical waste, WHO 2002). Moreover, the treatment and removal of biomedical waste can release pathogens and toxic pollutants. WHO directives state that biomedical waste should be treated as close as possible to where it is produced. With this in mind, our teams of experts will support you in optimising your process in the interests of better logistical management of biomedical waste systems, thereby limiting its contact with operatives and any transportation of this waste.



Limits the risk of operator contamination


Optimises systems to prevent the release of pathogens and toxic pollutants into the environment


On-site system management minimises handling and transportation


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Biomedical waste management solutions

Sterilwave systems provide on-site treatment of biomedical waste using a simple and safe process. The innovative technology is eco-friendly and has low operating costs.

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Bertin radioactivity monitoring instruments can locate radioactive sources and control the contamination in a hospital environment to improve the safety of medical workers and visitors.

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