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Sterilwave production monitoring

Biomedical waste treatment tracking

The Sterilwave machines are fitted with a tracking system which allows precise control over the process of treating biomedical waste to ensure compliance with current standards and to record production data.

The Sterilwave systems are all fitted with a machine controller which records all the parameters from each biomedical waste treatment cycle. At the end of each cycle, the operator retrieves a printed ticket showing the essential information (weight of input waste/time cycle was started/success of decontamination process).

The system’s production can also be monitored by consulting the cycle and results log which can be retrieved via an IP connection or SD memory card. For maintenance purposes, all measurements and parameters can be retrieved in this way in order to analyse and identify any faults. Bertin Medical Waste also offers tailor-made solutions, adapted to your needs, for the tracking of your biomedical waste treatment.

Reasons to choose Biomedical waste treatment tracking

Full tracking

Track all cycle parameters

Remote monitoring

Results available remotely or on an SD card

Easy maintenance

Analysis and identification of any faults

Complies with international regulations

Modular solutions according to customer needs


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