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    Sterilwave odour management

    Odour management

    To improve the operator’s working environment, Bertin Medical Waste offers optional solutions for reducing and managing odours (masking gel or ozometer).

    Unlike autoclave technologies which consume a large quantity of water, the Sterilwave’s microwave technology produces only dry final waste material. As a result, odours linked to the treatment of biomedical waste are minimised when compared to other procedures.

    To improve the operators’ environment even further, Bertin Medical Waste has developed two solutions for reducing odours from biomedical waste during the Sterilwave process. The first consists of using a gel which masks the odours. This is applied manually by the operator during each cycle (about 10 grams per cycle). The second consists of installing an ozometer which catalyses the odour molecules in the fume evacuation duct. The ozone is produced from the surrounding air and complies with current environmental restrictions. This device is managed directly by the machine controller and is much more effective at reducing odours.

    Reasons to choose Odour management

    Dry final waste material

    Process produces less odour than autoclave technologies

    Simple solution

    Highly effective at reducing odours


    Complies with current environmental restrictions


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