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Biological inactivation control kit for the Sterilwave systems

Microbiological inactivation monitoring kit

Developed by Bertin Medical Waste, this kit allows the operator to monitor the effectiveness of microbiological inactivation in the Sterilwave systems without recourse to an external laboratory.

Operators are required to perform regular checks of the effectiveness of microbiological inactivation in the Sterilwave systems. In fact, we recommend carrying out these tests at various intervals in accordance with current regulations or after major maintenance work, in order to verify that the system is working properly.

Bertin Medical Waste has developed a bacteriological kit for this purpose which has been laboratory certified. In a simple procedure, the operator can check themselves whether the level of bacteriological inactivation is higher than 6log10 using bacillus spores. The test is performed during a machine cycle and results can be obtained within 48 to 72 hours. This ensures the full traceability of biohazardous waste treatment.

Reasons to choose Microbiological inactivation monitoring kit

Easy to use

A simple procedure with no external laboratory required


Laboratory-certified bacteriological kit


Results within 48 to 72 hours


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