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Tipper Machine

In order to optimise the handling of biomedical waste and make it safer, container tipper machines can be combined with Sterilwave 440 and 250 to make biomedical waste’s loading into the machines easier and minimise any contact between the operator and the waste.

Bertin Medical Waste has developed different types of container tipper machines for automatic loading of biomedical waste into the Sterilwave vessel.

These loading methods using a tipping motion allow safe handling by the operator and save time during the loading phase. Risks of contamination are therefore reduced and productivity increased. We offer a 240-litre container tipper machine for Sterilwave 250, and a 360-litre version for Sterilwave 440. We can supply a 1,000-litre version upon request. Other sizes can also be adapted to fit our equipment.

Reasons to choose Tipper Machine


Automatic loading of biomedical waste

Workers' safety

Minimises contact between the biomedical waste and machine operators


Compatible with standard container sizes


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