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MiniTRACE CSDF is a multifunction instrument which can monitor contamination and measure radiation and X-ray dose rates.

MiniTRACE CSDF measures radiation, contamination or radioactive dose rates. Designed to improve detection and analysis of radiation contamination with extremely precise measurements, it is indispensable for protecting workers from the uncontrolled scattering of radioactive materials.

It can detect and locate radioactive sources, particularly in waste, but can also monitor surfaces where radioactive sources may have left traces of contamination, such as benches, biomedical waste storage rooms, waste treatment machinery, etc. MiniTRACE CSDF offers several measurement modes and functions for measuring dose rates, activity and count rates, amongst other things. You can select different nuclides from the internal library using the activity and surface contamination measurement modes. Its surface contamination measurement mode is calibrated to comply with ISO 7503-1 standard. Accessories are also available for carrying out swipe tests (for measuring surface contamination) and food tests (for food contamination).

Reasons to choose MiniTRACE CSDF


Rapid response time (1 sec)

Compact, robust and ergonomic design

Easy to use

Long battery lifetime: 2,000 h

Radiation type

  • Alpha, beta and gamma

Detector type

  • Geiger-Mueller pancake, active counter area 15.5 cm², active diameter 44.5 mm, window 2.0 mg/cm², energy compensated

Display unit

  • μSv/h, cps, Bq, Bq/cm² and Bq/L

Measurement range

  • Dose rate: up to 5,000 µSv/h (100 mR/h)
  • Pulses: up to 10,000 cps (300,000 cpm)
  • Activity (depends on the radionuclide): up to 100 Bq (999,000 dpm)
  • Surface contamination (depends on the radionuclide): up to 5,000 Bq/cm2 (30,000 dm/cm2)
  • Food: up to 100,000 Bq/l (1,000,000 pCi/l)

Gamma sensitivity

  • 4.3 cps/µSv/h

Energy Range

  • 26 keV to 1.25 MeV, lid has to be closed


  • Co60: 0.41 cps/Bq/cm²; C14: 1.65 cps/Bq/ cm²; Sr90+: 10.65 cps/Bq/ cm²; Am-14:4.19 cps/Bq/ cm²; Cl36: 9.57 cps/Bq/ cm²; Cs137: 11.15 cps/Bq/ cm² ; U238: 4.19 cps/Bq/ cm²; I131: 9.71 cps/Bq/ cm²


  • 6-digit LCD display, plus 5-digit alpha numeric display for alarm- and status messages


  • 0.8 stainless steel, 80% transparency, easily removable

Integration time

  • Automatic, with count up mode adjustable

Energy supply

  • 2 Mignon batteries (type: LR6, AA, MN 1500) 1.5V

Battery autonomy

  • Up to 2,000 h

Built-in sensors

  • IR-interface for software communication

Easy and fast monitoring

  • MiniTRACE CSDF is easy to use (2 buttons interface) and provides a very fast response time (1sec.). It can also be set up with the optional DataVIEW software

All-in-one survey meter

  • MiniTRACE CSDF allows multipurpose measurements for dose rate H*(10) (µSv/h), count rate (cps), activity (Bq), surface contamination (Bq/cm²) and food contamination (Bq/L). Radionuclide can also be selected

Designed for harsh environments

  • MiniTRACE CSDF is compact and robust with its strong housing protected with a rubber boot. It is suitable for long time operations (battery lifetime: 2,000 h)

MiniTRACE CSDF is a unique multifunction instrument which can measure radiation, X-rays, dose rates, contamination (including food) and perform swipe tests. It has a 0.8mm stainless steel grille and a 15.55cm² Geiger-Müller-Pancake detector. It can check for contamination but also measure equivalent environmental dose rates (H*(10)).

MiniTRACE CSDF displays values in cps, μSv/hr, Bq, Bq/cm² and Bq/L. In Bq and Bq/cm² modes, the user can select different nuclides from its internal calibration library (Cs137, Am241, I131, Sr90, U238, C14, Cl36, Co60).

Its surface contamination measurement mode (Bq/cm²) is calibrated to comply with ISO 7503-1 standard. A special mode allows measurement of radiation in food. MiniTRACE CSDF’s cutting-edge food measurement kit thus measures the level of activity detected in liquid or mashed foodstuffs.

• Protective rubber cover (included)
• Communication kit (incl. DataVIEW software and IR transceiver)
• Transparent plastic protection

• Belt pouch
• Suitcase (Pelicase)
• Wipe test kit

• Food measuring kit
• Emergency case
• Pressure-tight container for air transport


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