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RadTRACE, gamma radiation survey meter


RadTRACE is a gamma ray counter designed for professionals who may be exposed to radiation in the course of their daily work routine.

RadTRACE is a compact dosimeter which can improve the safety of medical workers exposed to ionising rays. Reliable, robust and easy-to-use, RadTRACE very quickly measures dosage rates and gamma ray doses over a wide measurement range.

The data are automatically displayed on an LCD backlit interface with an auto scale function switching between µSv/h and mSv/h for more accuracy. Initially design for the French Nuclear Industry, it also offers a vibration alarm and an internal memory for measurement results.  The internal data storage allows the record of the dose and dose rate for later readout (interval free adjustable).

Reasons to choose RadTRACE

High sensitivity

Rapid response time (1 sec.)

Light and robust, fits in your pocket

Easy to use

Long battery lifetime: 1 000 h

Radiation type:

  • X and gamma

Detector type:

  • Energy-compensated Geiger-Mueller tube

Measuring unit dose rate:

  • mSv/h or mR/h

Display range:

  • 0.01 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h
  • 0,001 mR/h to 9999,00 mR/h

Measurement cycle:

  • Fast response mode (1 sec), 60 sec floating mean value, mean value mode

Energy range:

  • 48 KeV to 3 MeV

Autoscale function:

Internal storage:

  • 650 dose rate values, accumulated dose

Alarm thresholds:

  • 4 alarm thresholds, audible and visual alarm for each thresholds

Alarms type:

  • Audible, vibation and visual

Operational temperature range:

  • -20 to +50°C

Energy supply:

  • 2 Mignon batteries (type: LR6, AA, MN 1500) 1,5V


  • In accordance with IEC 60846 and IEC 61000

Mechanical shock:

  • According to IEC 60068-2-27

Battery autonomy:

  • Up to 2.000 h

IP Index:

  • IP 44, with protective covering IP 67

Quick and simple monitoring

  • RadTRACE provides a very quick response time (1sec) and its two-button interface makes it easy to use. The DataVIEW software application allows users to store and analyse all their measurement data up to 650 values (sold separately).

Wide measuring range

  • RadTRACE’s large measuring range (from 0.01 μSv/hr up to 100 mSv/hr and from 0.001 to 9,999.00 mR/hr) and its automatic scale adjustment function allowing switching between μSv/hr and mSv/hr modes make it very versatile. RadTRACE also has an average value mode which increases precision where radiation levels are low.

Designed for challenging environments

  • RadTRACE is a pocket-sized device with a vibrating, audible alarm and a backlit screen which lights up automatically in poor light conditions.
  • RadTRACE has an energy-compensating Geiger-Müller counter which measures the gamma ray dose rate (exposure rate or equivalent ambient dose rate (H*(10))).
  • Its automatic scale adjustment function switches between μSv/hr and mSv/hr modes. Data is displayed on a backlit LCD interface.
    With its ultra-long-life batteries (up to 1,000 hours), RadTRACE is particularly suited to long-term operations.
  • It also has a vibrating alarm and internal memory for storing cumulative dose data up to 650 measurement values.

Protection holster:

  • Carry and protect your RadTRACE with this belt holster

Wall support:

  • The solution for a permanent radiation monitoring with RadTRACE, with lock system

Communication kit:

An infrared interface with tripod to set parameters or read out measurement with the DataVIEW Software


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