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RCCL - Radiological Control of Container Load

Radiological Control of Container Load (RCCL)

The RCCL is a portal monitor which can detect radioactivity in packages, luggage and small containers.

The RCCL is a radiological portal monitor specially designed to detect potential sources of radioactivity into biomedical waste and contaminated waste in hospitals. When waste is removed from a hospital to be treated externally, it can thus be checked in order to limit the risk of its potential irradiation.

The RCCL can also monitor people in areas with low background noise. Used either in static or mobile mode, the RCCL works automatically, saving the operator from having to stay in front of the detector. It is extremely simple to use, and therefore does not required any external intervention or training of personnel.

Reasons to choose Radiological Control of Container Load (RCCL)

Precise large-area PVT detectors

Rapid response time for quicker decisions

Competitively priced

Functional, completely automatic, easy to maintain

Detector :

  • PVT (PoliVinyl Toluene) plastic scintillator, coupled to high diameter PMT with low noise electronic

Volume :

  • 2,5 – 5 – 25 Liters

Energy range :

  • from 30keV to 5MeV

Response time :

  • <1sec

Operative temperature range :

  • -20°C / +50°C

Power supply :

  • 110Vac / 220Vac

The RCCL is a reliable and easy to use system.

It provides precise detection of low-level and biomedical radioactive contamination in medical waste. Its modular design allows to provide tailor-made solutions. It can also monitor gamma rays in other waste or recycled material and be used for special applications like monitoring conveyor belts.
Its main advantages are:
– Low cost of acquisition
– Simple maintenance
– High level of automation and ease-of-use

With its large-area PVT plastic scintillator and large-diameter low-noise PMT, the RCCL radiation portal monitor has a very quick and precise detection sensitivity for gamma rays. The count rate is sampled every 100 ms.

Special customization can be designed for satisfing any specific customer needs.


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