Since 2012, Bertin Medical Waste manufactures and offers innovative solutions to treat bio-hazardous waste from healthcare activities.

Sterilwave is based on a shredding process by rotating blades and a microwave system in one single vessel (100L, 250 L or 440 L) in order to sterilize any kind of bio-hazardous waste transforming it into unrecognizable municipal waste.

In addition to its initial role of managing the onsite bio-medical waste, Sterilwave offers circular economy and recycling possibilities thanks to its unique process which allows having a significantly thin, dry and highly calorific final waste output due to the presence of plastics in hospital waste material.

As a result, the final Sterilwave waste residue can be re-used as an RDF: Refuse-Derived Fuel. RDF is produced from domestic, business or hospital waste, which includes biodegradable material as well as plastics. Refuse-Derived Fuel is used to generate energy at recovery facilities or Waste to Energy plants (WtE), especially in developed countries where they produce electricity and hot water for communal heating systems.

Thanks to all these advantages, Sterilwave seeks to contribute to Circular Economy model for healthcare facilities in order to generate added value for the treatment of hospital waste while reducing the environmental impact and thus contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Moreover, there are multiple other possibilities on how to contribute even further to circular economy which are currently under tests and trials in several countries in order to re-use the final Sterilwave waste output in a production of secondary products such as: mixt material for cement, bricks for buildings, asphalt concrete and bitumen for roads, pellets for heating, pallets for transportation, and also in plastic industry in producing picnic tables, sewer covers and other plastic products.

Adapting Sterilwave devices is also a contribution to a significant green revolution, including carbon footprint reduction and diesel pollution reduction as Sterilwave treatment is on hospital site and it does not require daily transportation of the waste, it is also a possibility to sort and recover the final waste for recycling, possibility to value the final waste as alternative high calorific value combustible and even more!

Here are few examples of products made from Sterilwave final waste residue.

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