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    Hospitals and healthcare facilities

    Hospitals and healthcare facilities produce large quantities of biomedical waste on a daily basis, and this must be treated with the utmost care to avoid any contamination.

    Processes for managing biomedical waste can be costly and difficult to implement in medical facilities. In most cases, they are stored in a dedicated space and then transported to treatment centres, often far away from medical institutions. However, too often they are dumped in inappropriate locations or shipped to facilities which are unable to render them safe. Sadly, this leads to many health problems around the world and carries a serious risk of contamination for neighboring populations and the environment.

    Bertin Medical Waste has therefore developed its Sterilwave solution, for on-site treatment of biomedical waste. Using a technology combining shredding and microwave sterilization, biohazardous waste is converted into inert material which is similar to municipal waste, and which can be fed into existing waste disposal systems without any risk. The volume of waste is greatly reduced (up to 85% by volume and up to 25% by weight), produces no liquid effluent, requires minimal handling and is totally safe for operators. Institutions no longer have to have storage areas, and this greatly reduces management and transportation costs. Sterilwave is therefore an efficient, economical and eco-friendly alternative to autoclaves or external waste services.


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