BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES is a French scientific instrumentation manufacturer that designs and manufactures measurement, observation & detection systems and instruments for critical applications. Every day, Bertin Technologies pursues technological advances in the fields of Nuclear, Defence, Space, Big Science, Life Sciences and Health. Its 530 employees share a desire for excellence, in the service of remarkable and innovative technological solutions. Its 2021 turnover amounts to 92 million euros. Based in Paris Region, Bertin Technologies Group comprises 3 brands – Bertin Instruments, Bertin Photonics & Bertin Medical Waste – and has operational subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden) and the United States.


Bertin Medical Waste is committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment to meet the evolving needs of each producer of biomedical waste. Sterilwave equipment complies with all regulatory standards relating to the required disinfection efficiency (STAATT recommendations) – including the French standard NF X30-503, known to be one of the strictest in the world. Our teams of experts support you in optimizing your processes for better logistical management of biomedical waste flows, thus limiting contact with operators and the transportation of this waste.