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    What to remember in 2021 in Medical Waste?

    Sterilwave, your on-site solution for the treatment of biomedical waste

    Sterilwave 440 – Testimony of a volunteer in Noah’s Ark Hospital (Wuhan)

    Medical waste management in critical situation – Coronavirus pandemia

    Delivery of the first Sterilwave 440 from Foshan to Wuhan in February 2020

    Sterilwave, innovative solution for medical waste management

    Onsite Waste Processing Facility – Sterilwave & Eurotec Environmental Limited

    Sterilwave – Biomedical waste on-site treatment

    Documentation brochures

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    Couverture brochure

    How do you deal with Covid-19 vaccines waste?

    Brochure SW440_2P_EN_2022

    Sterilwave 440

    Brochure SW250_2P_EN_2022

    Sterilwave 250

    Brochure SW100_2P_2022

    Sterilwave 100

    sterilwave en

    Sterilwave range


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