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    Biomedical waste management solutions

    Sterilwave systems provide on-site treatment of biomedical waste using a simple and safe process. The innovative technology is eco-friendly and has low operating costs.

    Biomedical waste management process is essential for healthcare institutions striving to prevent and combat hospital-acquired infections and other biohazards. Bertin has developed the Sterilwave range to meet the needs of medical centres, clinics, hospitals and laboratories of all sizes generating anywhere from a few kilos to several tonnes of biohazardous waste per day.

    Based on an innovative technology combining shredding and microwave sterilization, Sterilwave ultra-compact and fully automated equipment does not require prior segregation of waste and can transform all types of infectious waste into sterilized, inert and unrecognizable waste in one single vessel. Once the biomedical waste has been processed, it can then be assimilated to the municipal waste sector without any biological risk in its handling. Recognized and recommended by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, Sterilwave solutions guarantee traceability, safety and the highest level of disinfection, and offer a significant reduction in the disposal cost compared to other traditional solutions (collection, incineration, autoclave, friction, chemical).

    The Sterilwave complies with all international regulations on rendering clinical waste safe (STAATT recommendations) as well as with the strictest standards adopted in numerous countries, most notably France’s NF X30-503 standard. The equipment is manufactured in France and complies with CE (European Community) marking and benefits from Bertin Technologies’ ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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