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    Optimisation of hospital waste stream

    Healthcare facilities protect us and are the primary guarantors of Public Health. But what about the infectious waste and dangerous by-products they generate?

    Poor management of medical waste can cause serious health, ecological or economic problems. Biomedical waste contains potentially dangerous microorganisms that can have dramatic and irreversible repercussions on public health and environment. A strict, traceable and efficient process must be put in place for a secured and economic management of this waste in hospitals. Recognized by the largest international organizations with references on all continents, the Sterilwave solution provides an effective response to all these issues.


    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 40% of hepatitis cases and 2.5% of HIV cases worldwide are caused by health professionals becoming exposed in the workplace (Health Care Waste Report, WHO 2002). In addition, the treatment and disposal of biomedical waste can release pathogens and toxic pollutants. According to WHO guidelines and recent United Nations reports, infectious waste should be treated as close as possible to where it was generated. In this perspective, our teams of experts support you with a turnkey solution in optimizing your processes for better logistical treatment of medical waste flows, thus limiting contact with operators and the transport of this waste.

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