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    Laboratories and research centers

    Laboratories, clinics and research centers produce biomedical waste on a daily basis, and this often leads to high management costs.

    Traditional on-site biomedical waste treatment solutions, such as autoclaves, are rarely suited to the needs of small medical facilities, as they need a large operating area, consume a large quantity of water and electricity, and produce polluted liquid effluent. Biomedical waste is then managed off-site and subcontracted to specialist service providers, and this requires biomedical waste storage areas and collection by approved organisations. Applying this solution can incur high costs for small medical facilities. For the management of small quantities of biomedical waste, Bertin Medical Waste has developed the Sterilwave 100, which is very compact (about 1m3 – the size of a washing machine) but with a capacity of 20kg/h. Its microwave technology combining shredding and sterilization does not require a water supply during the process, and its size means that it can easily fit into small spaces. Operators are only required to provide minimal intervention of around 10 minutes per cycle.


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