Laboratory waste treatment: the Sterilwave system

As an ideal addition to your laboratory waste management structure, Sterilwave allows for a cost-effective and independent approach to dealing with biohazardous waste matter produced onsite. Developed by Bertin Technologies, Sterilwave is a revolutionary waste disposal system designed to neutralise medical waste, providing safe and fast sterilization, converting high volumes into ordinary disposable waste.

The laboratory waste management system is easily integrated into your operations and eliminates needs of special storage of harmful substances and transportation for treatment elsewhere. Sterilwave treats 440 litres of laboratory or hospital waste with each cycle using a grinding process then sterilization based on microwave technology.

Requiring only a power supply, Sterilwave can be loaded manually or automatically and emits no chemical or liquid substances during the sterilization process, waste is reduced to fine particles, resulting in 80% less volume of original waste material…all that remains is to dispose of your waste using your existing waste disposal network…

Sustainable laboratory waste management

The Sterilwave laboratory waste management system offers great savings in biohazardous waste treatment in terms of time, storage and transportation with the added benefit of being an envrionmentally friendly system. Installation of Sterilwave equipment is fast and simple as is its regular function and maintenance.

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