Sterilwave: medical and clinical waste sterilization

Medical waste sterilization with the Sterilwave, system is fast, ecologically viable and economical. Designed specifically for treating regulated, biohazardous waste produced by hospitals, clinics and laboratories, Sterilwave offers onsite sterilization and conversion of contaminated waste produce, both liquids and solids.

The new generation medical waste sterilization system is installed and operational within a working day and integrates smoothly into your waste management department thanks to its easy functions, zero emissions and automated design. The only consumable required is a power supply allowing high volumes of medical waste to be treated in a single cycle.

Sterilwave proves to be a highly cost effective solution freeing healthcare organisations from storage, transport and treatment costs by specialised service providers for all clinical waste. Onsite medical waste sterilization not only is sustainable practice, cost effective but also adds to management autonomy of daily operations.

Medical waste sterilization: an in-house solution

Feel free to view the Sterilwave brochure and watch an example of an installation at work, do not hesitate to contact a distributor for further advice about your waste management needs.

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