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    Specific integration on demand

    Sterilwave is probably the only effective infectious waste treatment solution on the market offering a mobile configuration in container or truck.

    Smaller healthcare facilities in remote or isolated areas, humanitarian organizations and temporary hospitals often face difficulties for the management of their biomedical waste. In fact, treatment centers are often very distant, which generates tailor-made logistics, high costs and complex waste monitoring to avoid any contamination. Thanks to its 100% electric technology combining shredding and microwave, Sterilwave does not require any steam generator and does not reject any liquid effluent to be reprocessed. True Plug & Play solution, the Sterilwave 100 and 250 can therefore be installed in specific containers, in order to meet the needs of these smaller temporary or permanent structures in remote and / or difficult to access places. Sterilwave 100, with its innovative suspended tank technology, can also be integrated directly into a truck, which further facilitates the mobility of the system.


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