Microwave technology for medical waste treatment

Microwave medical waste treatment is the latest development by Bertin Technologies in collaboration with the GC group. Sterilwave is a revolutionary system designed for clinical waste producing healthcare organisations, allowing the sterilization and disposal of biohazardous onsite.

Free from costs of storage, transportation and external treatment of clinical waste, Sterilwave provides a hands-on response to dealing with contaminated, regulated medical waste… Microwave medical waste treatment sterilizes to set safety standards and beyond all liquids, solids including sharp needles and surgical utensils.

With no consumables other than an adequate power supply and no dangerous emissions produced at any stage of the sterilization process based on microwave technology, Sterilwave is easy to operate and respects the environment while reducing risk of contamination thanks to minimal handling of biohazardous material.

Microwave medical waste treatment: Sterilwave installed

Feel free to contact a distributor and seek further advice about integration of microwave medical waste treatment into your waste management structure for an economic and efficient solution for clinical waste. Examples of a Sterilwave installation are available online as well as a full technical presentation of the system.

If you would like any further information about microwave medical waste treatment, please contact us.