Sterilwave: medical waste disposal services

Medical waste disposal solutions for healthcare institutions, modern, cost-effective and ecologically sustainable are available from Bertin Technologies. At the forefront of industrial modernisation, Bertin Technologies in collaboration with GC group has developed the Sterilwave waste management system, a revolution in biohazardous waste treatment.

New generation medical waste disposal solutions in the form of a system based on microwave technology, Sterilwave reduces the volume of contaminated waste with its grinding process before sterilization, 80% less waste volume which can then be treated as ordinary, unclassifed waste, disposal via regular channels…

High volume capacity and fully automated, Sterilwave is easily installed and operated onsite for fast, efficient treatment of medical waste, eliminating the need for storage, special carrier transportation and treatment or incineration of waste by third party service providers. Not only is the new medical waste disposal solution cost effective but also reduces risks of contamination by staff and external handling.

Medical waste disposal solutions: ecological waste management

You are welcome to view the technical presentation of the Sterilwave waste management system and watch an example application in use. A simple solution for converting medical waste into non-hazardous waste thanks to its simple, ecological design…only a power supply is required to operate the equipment…

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