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    Medical waste radioactivity detection

    Every day, hospitals and medical facilities use radioactive materials which can pose a risk to the health of workers and patients. Detecting and locating sources of radiation in these places is therefore essential.

    People are frequently exposed to radiation in hospital environments. As a result, it is thought that half of all people exposed to radiation work in the healthcare profession. Radioactive materials are used just as much for the detection and identification of certain pathologies (whether they are cancerous tumours or cardiac diseases) as they are for their treatment, particularly so for cancerous cells.

    These activities produce large amounts of radioactive waste which must be handled with the utmost care. It is therefore absolutely essential to indicate radioactive zones, regularly check dose rates and check for contamination of surfaces and waste. Practices which use radioactive sources are constantly evolving, and this leads to new risks. Bertin’s expertise lies in adapting radionuclear medicine technologies to create solutions which are at the forefront of regulatory limits. This range of products is developed using Saphymo expertise and can check that waste is not radioactive before it is sent to a treatment facility or handled by operatives.



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