Medical waste disposal equipment: a revolutionary system

Sterilwave is the innovative solution for medical waste producing healthcare institutions, the new generation medical waste disposal equipment by Bertin Technologies offers efficient and independent treatment of waste classified as biohazardous onsite.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories make vast savings thanks to the freedom from storage needs and the cost of transportation by specialised carriers and end treatment by external service providers. More and more institutions are adopting Sterilwave, the medical waste disposal equipment converts hazardous waste into ordinary solid waste onsite simply and safely.

hospital waste treated by Sterilwave meets and exceeds standards of treatment of infectious, contaminated waste, the medical waste disposal equipment converts solids and liquids, including sharp objects in a single cycle. High volume capacity allows sterilization of up to 440 litres of medical waste in one operation

Medical waste disposal equipment: safety and quality sterilization

The Sterilwave system is quick and easy to install in the heart of your waste management designated zone and is immediately operational. With no dangerous emissions nor consumable products to handle, the system is simple to use and safe for the environment. Feel free to view the equipment in action and learn more about the major benefits of an onsite installation.

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