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    It is the ecological solution for the management of infectious waste.
    The STERILWAVE Process transforms infectious waste within the hospital into crushed, disinfected, inert waste considered as household waste.
    This avoids the daily transport of waste from the hospital to the disposal center, thus limiting its carbon footprint.
    Compared to Autoclaves solutions, STERILWAVE does not use water in its process and generates no liquid effluents.
    In addition, finely ground, dry and inert waste from the STERILWAVE process can be used as a secondary fuel, hence a virtuous circle for the environment.

    STERILWAVE is a safe solution, suitable for integration in health facilities, without risk for staff.
    The treatment of grinding and sterilization of infectious waste is carried out in the same tank, without intermediate handling thus without risk for the operator.
    In addition, the STERILWAVE process trivializes waste at 100-110 ° C without any pressure in the tank. The process is therefore very safe compared to autoclave technologies that operate under 3, 4 bars of pressure, which imposes additional safety constraints, vigilance and training of operators.

    Local treatment of infectious waste is cost efficient, safe and eco-friendly.


    Cost effective

    • No specific carrier required to transfer the infectious waste (less expensive).
    • As soon as the STERILWAVE cycle is complete, the treated waste can be transferred to the standard onsite municipall waste collection point.
    • Volume reduction after treatment: 80%.
    • Weight reduction after treatment: 25%.
    • Thanks to its low running costs, STERILWAVE is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market.


    Safe solution

    • Less intermediate handling. Eliminates the risk of personnel exposure.
    • Eliminates the need to store infectious waste onsite until collection.
    • Infectious waste is dealt with as it is produced.



    • Makes onsite treatment possible
    • Eliminates frequent and polluting transport of waste containers that are often up to 80% empty
    • Transforms hazardous waste into unrecognizable (finely-ground) municipal waste which can be reused as fuel (eg: cement plant kiln)
    • No liquid effluents. No hazardous emissions
    • Requires only a 400 V 3-phase 50 A electrical power supply

    Metallic waste such as implants or needles is absolutely not a problem and can be ground and treated by STERILWAVE. It will be finely ground and become totally unrecognizable.
    In relation with the biggest waste dimension could be found deformed in the chamber after the treatment cycle by the rotative blace (blade made with very tough steel) in order to optimize equipment efficiency, Original Equipment Manufacturers recommend that large size metallic waste should not be disposed of in infectious hazardous waste bags.
    >> Discover Sterilwave’s advantages

    Based on microwave technology, our concept makes it possible to heat the ground waste more quickly, thoroughly and efficiently than autoclaving systems.
    Moreover, the various test reports we have made in independent laboratories have all resulted in microbial inactivation up to 8log10. Please note that these results all exceed the requirements of standard NF X30-503 and are above or equal to the results with autoclaving systems.


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