Medical waste shredder: in-house sterilization

Bertin Technologies, leader in the field of medical waste management solutions, proposes an innovative medical waste shredder, a complete system to treat and sterilize regulated medical waste at the site of production. Designed for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, any institution with significant onsite, classified waste production, Sterilwave proves efficient and cost-effective.

The medical waste shredder uses a dual process to convert medical waste into non-category, ordinary waste which can then be disposed using the regular waste disposal system. Sterilwave grinds the waste to fine particles before sterilization using microwave technology. The Sterilwave system is easy to use and can sterilize up to 440 litres of medical waste in one “machine cycle”.

The revolutionary medical waste shredder technology not only saves healthcare organisations money on logistics and external treatment or incinceration but is also much safer with minimal handling and transportation of contaminated waste products…

Medical waste shredder: functional technology

Bertin Technologies invites you to view full technical presentation of Sterilwave and watch the system in action, an example application offers you a foretaste of how the system can be integrated into your waste management structure with speed and ease…

If you would like any further information about the medical waste shredder, please contact us.