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    Bertin Medical Waste, offers its customers around the world years of experience & expertise in the management and treatment of medical waste.

    Sterilwave machines offer waste decontamination using an innovative patented technology combining shredding and microwaves which ensures safe and effective waste treatment in one single vessel.

    Ultra-compact solutions, Sterilwave allows optimization of the waste flow to minimize the risk of contamination of the operators, the environment and the populations while keeping a significant reduction of the treatment cost for the hospital. In addition to the many Sterilwave options and accessories, Bertin Technologies offers equipment for contamination control and ionizing radiation monitoring of hospital waste.

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    Optimisation of hospital waste stream

    Healthcare facilities protect us and are the primary guarantors of Public Health. But what about the infectious waste and dangerous by-products they generate?

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    Microbial Inactivation by microwave treatment

    The microwave technology used by Sterilwave is recognized and recommended by the WHO. It meets the requirements of all standards in the world. Pressurless, it allows a safe treatment of bio-hazardous waste without rejection of liquid effluent, in compliance with environmental requirements.

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    Medical waste radioactivity detection

    Every day, hospitals and medical facilities use radioactive materials which can pose a risk to the health of workers and patients. Detecting and locating sources of radiation in these places is therefore essential.

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