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Vapour evacuation

Bertin Medical Waste offers solutions adapted to any infrastructure for the evacuation of vapours generated during the Sterilwave sterilisation process.

During the heating and sterilisation phase, the microwave process reduces the weight of the biomedical waste by removing its water content. It then converts it into vapour which is evacuated via a HEPA bacteriological filter.

Bertin Medical Waste offers different evacuation solutions for this vapour, adapted to each institution taking into account each building’s particular constraints. If the evacuation is at a distance of several metres, Bertin Medical Waste offers CMV type extractors which can eject any water vapour into the relevant site’s areas suited to this purpose. In collaboration with our technical services department, we can provide your organisation with custom-made support which can help define the best solution for optimising vapour flow.

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Modular solutions

Adapted to the constraints of each hospital building

Custom-made support

In collaboration with our technical services department


Optimum vapour flow management


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