“Shifting Gears Toward Sustainability”

This is what Foch Hospital is striving to achieve as it works towards becoming a greener, more sustainable healthcare institution. Foch Hospital stands as one of the leading hospitals in the Paris region, with a notable track record of establishing efficient waste treatment and processing methods. Their commitment to sustainable development is evident in their ongoing efforts.


By converting infectious medical waste into inert municipal waste using STERILWAVE technology, the hospital has achieved a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. This transformation has led to a significant decrease in the number of trucks required, dropping from 25-28 infectious waste trucks per month to just 3-4 municipal waste trucks per month. In addition to this, the trucks are taking this waste to Waste to Energy plant and contributes the heating of urban housing in Paris area. This achievement not only translates to substantial cost savings in transportation and waste treatment but has also contributed to job creation for individuals with disabilities, thanks to the user-friendly and safe operation of Sterilwave systems.


In this article, find out how Sterilwave contributed to the Foch Hospital project.

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