Sterilwave 100 is a compact solution for the decontamination of potentially hazardous medical waste,
complying with environment protection requirements and the strictest international regulations

Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group subsidiary, is unveiling its new innovative Sterilwave 100 solution for the on-site
treatment of biomedical waste (potentially infectious waste and by-products) at the MEDICA Trade Fair in
Dusseldorf, from November 13 to 16. No bigger than a household washing machine, the ultra-compact
Sterilwave 100 unit offers the technology, high performance, traceability, efficiency and quality of equipment
of the Sterilwave range. This latest model completes the existing range, comprising Sterilwave 440 and Sterilwave
250, to meet the needs of healthcare clinics, hospitals, laboratories and other establishments producing medical

“Each patient generates between 0.2 and 2 kilos of hospital waste a day and that entails contamination risks,”
points out Boguslaw Lorecki, Sterilwave Business Manager at Bertin Technologies. “Most hospitals rely on external
treatment solutions, even though the WHO recommends that medical waste should be treated as close as
possible to the location where it is produced. With the three models in the Sterilwave range, all medical waste
producers can benefit from an efficient, safe solution that is easy to use, environmentally friendly and suitable
for their requirements on any scale.”

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