Sterilwave is a medical waste treatment solution that uses microwave technology to disinfect and sterilize infectious biomedical waste. It is an effective solution for treating all types of infectious waste, including plastics, glass, textiles, organic materials, but also metal waste.

Sterilwave microwave technology works by generating electromagnetic waves which rapidly vibrate polar molecules such as water, cellulose, plastics etc. present in waste, generating heat which in turn eliminates bacteria and viruses present in the waste. It also makes it possible to evaporate a large quantity of liquids and to obtain dry treated waste. Designed to operate at a fixed frequency and at specific power levels adapted to the amount of waste contained in the tank, Sterilwave is equipped with controls and safety systems that allow safe and efficient treatment of waste: a double measurement of the temperature in the tank, permanent microwave power control and protection of the microwave generator by isolator, among others.

All these technical specificities make it possible to decontaminate all types of waste including metal devices (syringe needles, scalpel blades, etc.) without risk of damage.

Indeed, the decontamination of the metal elements is done by conduction and convection of heat in contact with other waste and the tank itself maintained at temperature. The friction action of the grinding blade also allows a rapid rise in temperature and ensures excellent homogeneity of treatment (mixing vortex). For example, certain types of stainless steel, which have high resistance to corrosion and heat, can be treated effectively using the Sterilwave solution.

Operating at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, the only frequency authorized by all countries for domestic and industrial microwaves, the use of the Sterilwave solution does not require any prior authorization.

Finally, Sterilwave has an efficient control system that makes it possible to perfectly adapt the operating parameters of the machine to the types of waste to be decontaminated.

Thus, rotating blade grinding, and microwave treatment go hand in hand, providing highly effective microbial inactivation for all types of waste, including metal waste.


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