Sterilwave by the medical waste disposal company

Sterilwave is the latest development proposed to healthcare organisations by leading medical waste disposal company, Bertin Technologies. At the forefront of industrial solutions adapted to modern needs and sustainable development, Bertin Technologies in collaboration with GC group, experts in medical waste management designs and distributes new generation technology, a viable solution for efficient, cost-effective treatment of biohazardous waste.

The medical waste disposal company offers an irresistible alternative to traditional and costly methods, with a Sterilwave installation at the heart of your waste management structure, great cost savings and a significant reduction in risk of contamination thanks to the treatment of medical waste onsite. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories or any regualted waste producing sites are freed from the need of specialised storage, packaging and transportation of waste for treatment by third party service providers.

Sterilize your own medical waste matter onsite, quickly and effectively with Sterilwave, an in-house system that meets and exceeds set health and safety standards for sterilization of biohazardous substances…

Medical waste management company: innovations for industry

Cost benefits are married with high level efficiency thanks to the large capacity of the Sterilwave system, a fully automated solution for up to 440 litres waste treatment in a single cycle. A machine with rotating blade which grinds the waste to fine particles before sterilization via applied microwave technology…all that remains is to dispose of waste via regular disposal system, totally safe and simple, medical waste management at optimum performance.

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