A couple of days ago, the VivreDemain website highlighted our hospital waste management solution, Sterilwave, as a revolutionary advance in medical waste disposal.

In this article, find out more about Sterilwave, an innovative solution developed by Bertin Technologies for shredding and sterilising medical waste using its microwave sterilisation technology. A safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solution, Sterilwave significantly reduces the risk of contamination and the spread of disease, while simplifying waste management for healthcare establishments.

Sterilwave is not only easy to use and maintain, but also comes with advanced safety features to ensure the safe handling of medical waste. Many healthcare establishments around the world have already integrated Sterilwave, recognising its effectiveness and positive impact on health and safety standards, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Using Sterilwave, healthcare establishments can significantly improve their medical waste management while making substantial savings. It’s a significant step forward in the field of medical waste management!



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