For more than 4 years, the medical center of one of the most isolated islands in the Philippines has been equipped with the Sterilwave solution for on-site microwave treatment of biomedical waste. In a July 2020 article, the Tech for Impact Asia platform highlights the advantages of this technology. Indeed, the Cotabato Sanitarium of Maguindanao chose Sterilwave in 2016 rather than investing in an autoclave system.

Founded in 2019 in association with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Tech for Impact’s objective is to “support the visionaries, the innovators, the disruptors and the change makers in the Asia Pacific.”.

Within this framework, Tech for Impact has addressed the issue of hospital waste.  “In the fight against Covid-19, hospitals are both the front line of the battle, and a growing source of the problem.” During a health crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing, hospitals are overwhelmed by biomedical waste that is potentially infected by a virus that must not spread. Treating this waste on site without going through an external treatment organization and transporters that are often poorly equipped and therefore poorly protected, avoids any risk of external contamination.

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