The global water footprint has considerably deteriorated over the last few decades. According to UNICEF, “785 million people today do not have basic access to WATER”. Rising temperatures and global warming are currently accelerating water scarcity in developing countries but also lately in developed countries. Focus on Sterilwave, a solution of Bertin Medical Waste, having a positive water footprint for safe and on-site treatment of medical waste.

Water resources are of the biggest concerns for international institutions, local governments, healthcare facilities and every one of us. Every human being requires water to survive. Clean water is the most important natural resource on Earth, and it is our solemn duty to save it for generations to come. It is therefore crucial to be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is what Bertin Medical Waste is trying to do, by fighting for the United Nations SDG 6: Water, Sanitation and Safe Management of Healthcare waste for all. Indeed, Sterilwave is a unique solution for medical waste treatment that does not use water during the sterilization process.

In comparison to other solutions based on steam treatment that uses hundreds of liters of clean water, Sterilwave – a microwave technology – does not require water for waste sterilization. Therefore, there is no waste water or infectious liquid effluents to be managed after the waste treatment. Sterilwave can thus help hospitals to become eco-friendly and to preserve our precious life source: water.

In addition to water preservation, Sterilwave is a safe pressureless on-site solution. It prevents the spread of infections but also allows for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and economic advantages related to elimination of daily transportation of infectious healthcare waste, by treating it directly within the hospital.

Key benefits of Sterilwave:

  • Hundreds of liters of clean water saved compared to other solutions;
  • No water consumption during the process of waste sterilization: a unique alternative solution consumption on the market;
  • Protection of human health and environment: sterilized medical waste, saved water resources, saved environment, saved lives of people around the globe;
  • Water-saving technology in line with most of the Worldwide Sustainability Plans (Singapore Green Plan 2030, United-Nations SDGs, Paris COP 21, Stockholm Convention…);
  • Low energy-consuming system: no draining system required, no additional external equipment needed, low green-house gas emissions with drastic reduction of CO2 emissions…

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