According to the Chinese authorities and the WHO, between January and March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic increased the volume of biomedical waste by 3 to 5, creating a risk of saturation of collection solutions and the urgent need to integrate in-situ treatment systems. Considered as biomedical waste, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV coronaviruses are classified in category 3, and are inactivated according to the disinfection parameters of the devices approved according to the NF X 30 503-1 standard: February 2016 (modification of the appearance of the waste and thermal treatment at a temperature greater than or equal to 100°C).

Approved according to this standard, the Sterilwave solution has demonstrated its operational capacities for the treatment of COVID-19 infected biomedical waste in Wuhan hospitals in China where more than twenty pieces of equipment were delivered in February 2020 (read the press release >>). Developed by Bertin Technologies, Sterilwave is an ultra-compact, innovative solution with proven virus inactivation efficiency, which makes it possible to treat the growing volume of biomedical waste directly on site and thus eliminate any risk of contamination.

Read the paper of the High Council of Public Health (French version) >>