Medical waste related issues do impact the whole medical sector. To prevent the unavoidable production of biohazardous waste, alternative solutions to incineration are available on the market. Microwave technology seems to be a state-of-the-art and ultra-modern solution for medical waste treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of these microwave treatment methods, in view of their economic and ecological advantages. The organisation insists on waste being processed at the very place of their production (on-site), in order to ensure better traceability as well as operation control in biohazardous waste management.

Bertin Technologies has developed the Sterilwave machines –based on microwave technology–to process biohazardous waste inside healthcare facilities. Compared to autoclave solutions, which are potentially using hundreds of litres of water per hour and producing liquid effluents (notoriously hard and expensive to treat afterwards), Sterilwave solutions only require a power supply. With “dry” waste resulting at the end of cycle, all the humidity and water contained in the waste are evaporated through a HEPA filter.

Because of its specific treatment, the water steam created by microwaves does not carry pathogen agents and is therefore safe for the medical waste sector and its operators. Up to this day, all the aerial contamination tests, and those conducted by the Pasteur Institute, have demonstrated that Sterilwave’s on-site waste management is both danger and biological risk free.

Sterilwave eliminates a large part of the odours caused by the water consumption, as it can be the case with autoclave or friction solutions. Thanks to its microwave technology, odours are minimised with dry waste that can even be stored during long periods, if necessary.

Bertin Technologies has developed solutions for odour management and elimination through several recommended systems, depending on the medical facility’s wishes. The chart below summarizes them all:



Not only do we position ourselves as an industrial manufacturer, but also as a provider of ready-to-use solutions especially designed for the customer and the medical site itself”, says Boguslaw Lorecki, Bertin Medical Waste division director. “Odours constitute a recurrent issue in the medical waste industry, but today we have developed flexible and suitable solutions for all sorts of installations. We are proud to offer to our customers worldwide an ecological and economic solution, as well as a comfortable working environment for the operator – which is not common in this industry”.


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